The Valencian Innovation Agency supports Seipasa in a project to develop a biostimulant to overcome abiotic stress

June 14, 2023

The project “Development of a specific biostimulant for overcoming abiotic stress under real conditions in crops of agronomic interest” is subsidised by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) as part of the Consolidation of the Business Value Chain 2022 programme.

The project is eligible for co-financing by the European Union through the Valencian Community ERDF Operational Programme 2021-2027.


Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) is the meeting point for all the players of the Valencian Innovation System (SVI).

Its objectives include designing and coordinating the Valencian Community’s innovation strategy and promoting the strengthening and development of the Valencian Innovation System as a whole. All this in close collaboration with other organisations and entities related to R&D and innovation.