SeiZen, Seipasa’s new biostimulant that revitalises, recovers and regrows your crops against abiotic stress

May 22, 2023

Seipasa, a Spanish company specialising in the development, formulation and manufacture of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, biostimulants and fertilisers, presents the new biostimulant SeiZen, a liquid product specifically designed to recover the damage caused by abiotic stress situations and external conditions, and to prepare crops for adverse situations.

The innovative formulation of the SeiZen biostimulant features PK-Tech (Photoassimilates Kynetics Technology) based on the stimulation of the ASS (Anti-Senescence Substances) effect, which reduces oxidative damage, recovers and removes the effects of abiotic stress by blocking the excess of ethylene produced as a result of the stress suffered. SeiZen stimulates cell division, growth and differentiation and promotes development of the main root, increasing its penetration and length.

A tool designed to maximise the farmer’s profitability

SeiZen is a product designed to both prepare and help the plant to overcome moments of maximum stress.

When applied before a stress episode, the priming effect prepares and keeps the plant active and productive for a longer period of time, preventing senescence.

After an episode of stress, plants are weakened, with low yields and even death, resulting in major economic losses. SeiZen’s action revitalises, recovers and regrows damaged crops, making it an essential tool for the farmer to have at hand to reverse crop damage and achieve the highest productivity and profitability from his crop.

About SeiZen

SeiZen is a biostimulant designed to revitalise the plant after extreme weather events and other abiotic stress situations. Its properties make it a very useful tool in complicated situations, improving the development of damaged plants. It is suitable for all crops. It reduces oxidative damage, restores and eliminates abiotic stress damage, stimulates cell division, growth and differentiation, promotes root development, improves photosynthetic efficiency and ultimately prevents crop loss.

Seipasa has been providing innovative solutions that add value to crops for 25 years. Seipasa’s products are designed for maximum performance and are used on farms in the world’s most demanding agricultural areas.