Root mass, directly proportional to the aerial development of the plant

March 1, 2016

The application of cutting edge rooting biostimulants, such as Seiland®, guarantee success throughout the productive cycle

The root system is the control centre of a plant and what happens in this part of the plant will define growth and crop productivity. In fact, the direct relationship between the roots and development of the aerial parts are recognised: a greater root mass, greater stem thickness and capacity of translocation, thereby increasing the area of leaves favouring photosynthesis and therefore increasing the size of the fruit.

In areas highly conditioned by the availability of water and some soil management techniques that cause deterioration, especially in intensive crops - plants require additional natural impulse, not only to maintain and enhance its root growth, but to do so in the best conditions for plant health.

The constant innovation in natural technology by an established company in the phytosanitary sector like SEIPASA that boasts the Pyme Innovadora stamp (Innovative Small and Medium sized company) given by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, has made highly specialised products more easily available, that guarantee the good development of the crop in each of its biological phases. In this sense, for the first phase of the plant cycle it has managed to create a cutting edge rooting biostimulant which exerts special emphasis on the roots and the enite rhizosphere: Seiland®.


Beneficial microorganisms

Although the temperature, humidity, ventilation, mechanic resistance of the soil, nutrition, pests and disease are basic factors that determine the good progress of the root system, the control of some of these elements is possible using this complete biostimulant.

Seiland® has developed a novel formula that boosts the activity of beneficial microorganisms that colonize the ecological niche by creating a biological barrier and blocking pathogens as well as strengthening the defence system of plants. In the same way, improving their nutritional status and the richness of the substrate.

Its well researched selection of bioactive compounds, organic acids and amino acids ensures the viability of the microbial combo and stimulates the generation of lateral roots and absorbent hairs that will enhance rooting, water absorption, assimilation of nutrients and, ultimately, improve the vigour, colour and quality of crops. The organic matter that is contains provides a better substrate to increase the action of bacteria and fungi which benefit the soil.

Furthermore, with the optimal root development, Seiland® provides a higher degree of resistance to stress.