Seipasa analyzes the challenges of global agriculture in a series of debates at Fruit Attraction

October 28, 2019
Seipasa analyses the challenges of agriculture at Fruit Attraction
From left to right: P. Peleato, Seipasa CEO; J. de Miguel, Vice President of Business Development at Suez Agriculture; V. Martínez, President of AEFA and Country Manager at Isagro España, and J. Puchades, Marketing Communication Manager of Seipasa.

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialising in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, presented “Talking about sustainability and cost-efficiency” at the 11th Fruit Attraction Show.

Over a two-day period, more than 20 industry experts and  professionals have taken part in a series of discussions  that have addressed and debated the trends and challenges that will shape the future development of the agricultural sector in the next ten years. 

Using the roundtable debate format, “Talking about sustainability and cost-efficiency” has addressed subjects such as the “regulation of the market of plant protection products, new marketing and positioning strategies for companies to connect to the new generation of consumers, the specialisation of the mass media or the latest technological developments that are going to transform the reality of the industry.

The roundtable drawing this series of debates to a close was formed by the heads of benchmark companies, which included Jonás de Miguel, Vice President of Business Development at Suez Agriculture; Victorino Martínez, President of AEFA (Spanish Agricultural Nutrients Manufacturers Association) and Country Manager of Isagro, and Pedro Peleato, CEO of Seipasa. 

Growth of the world population and its food requirements, sustainable production strategies in the face of climate change or the challenge of incorporating Big Data in agriculture are the main issues that participants have addressed in debates that also analysed the dangers posed by a possible escalation of protectionism in world trade. 

Future trends

Juan Manuel López, Chief Marketing Officer of Seipasa, underlined the highly professional profiles of participants in this series of debates and the wealth of ideas and observations that they have contributed.

He also went on to say: “‘Talking about Sustainability and Cost-efficiency’ has been a success because it has met all of the objectives that we set out to achieve with this activity. We were interested in examining what the future holds in store,  the trends that are going to dominate the industry in the coming years and wanted to do this hand in hand with top professionals. At Seipasa we focus on planning for the medium and long-term future; our ability to anticipate and take the lead is something that has always characterised us”.  

The roundtables were broadcast live on screens at Seipasa’s stand. In the next few days the company will be presenting a series of videos with the conclusions reached in each of the debates via its Youtube channel and social media profiles.