Seipasa analyzes the challenges of globalization in biopesticides at the BPIA International Meeting

March 2, 2017

Seipasa, a leading Spanish company in natural treatments for agriculture, has participated in the BPIA 2017 Spring Meeting & International Symposium in Reno, Nevada (USA). The event has been focused on the challenges posed by globalization in international markets for biological products such as biopesticides and biostimulants.

José Ángel Talavera, Seipasa’s CCO, has delivered a presentation about the new scenarios developed since the appearance of natural treatments for agriculture. Talavera said that "the chemical solutions developed throughout the XX century are not covering the current needs." The growing social awareness generated in favor of the environment, sustainability and well-being of society has truly stimulated the investigation, production and use of natural solutions. "Biopesticides represent a solution to address the current challenges that agriculture is currently facing," he said.

Seipasa’s CCO has analyzed the trends affecting the sector in the short and medium term. On this point, he has referred to the commercial strategies of alliances between specialist companies. These strategies, according to Talavera, represent a real and effective solution to the challenges posed by globalization. Talavera has reviewed the pioneering role played by Seipasa within the industry and has remarked the company's commitment to specialization in the sector of treatments with zero residues for agriculture.

Biopesticide Industry Alliance

BPIA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the awareness and adoption of biopesticide technology at the international level. Its mission is to promote the responsible development of safe and effective biological products as beneficial tools for agriculture, horticulture, public health and society based on educational, informational and promotional activities. BPIA has more than 90 national and international members, including Seipasa.