SEIPASA strengthens its structure to face new challenges

February 23, 2017


Taking a tour through SEIPASA's facilities in l'Alcúdia, Valencia, gives us a general idea of the growth experienced by the company in recent years. Born with the vocation to become a reference in the sector of natural treatments for agriculture, SEIPASA has adapted its technical and human structure to the challenges of coexistence in a globalized and highly-qualified market. This movement has been reflected in the growth of 25 percent in the staff over the last 5 years. The increase in the staff includes l’Alcúdia production and logistics plant, the management centre of Tardienta, Huesca, and SEIPASA's subsidiary located in Mexico, in operation since 2009.

The department that has most reinforced its structure is R+D+i department. It currently accounts for 30% of the total staff. This is a fundamental element of a company created to lead innovation in the agricultural sector. Over the last five years, the technical and commercial departments, as well as marketing and communication departments, have been consolidated, specifically designed to lead the expansion of SEIPASA to new markets, as well as to strengthen the relationship with its social environment.

The recent union of SEIPASA and Estimul-Agro to lead biostimulation and agricultural nutrition is the latest example of the growth strategy of the company to lead research, development and manufacture of residue-free treatments for agriculture.

It should be noted that last January SEIPASA was selected by the European Commission in the last round of the Horizon 2020 program. The company has thus entered to be part of the select club of companies of the European elite in innovation. SEIPASA's project focuses on a biopesticide designed from microorganisms, whose application will benefit agricultural yield but also the environment. Previously, the company had already expanded the laboratory facilities, in addition to launching the advanced experimental field of l’Alcúdia, two instruments aimed at improving product development and efficiency.

The growth of SEIPASA in recent years has also been reflected in the strengthening of its corporate reputation, recognized with both awards and certifications at national and international level. The EMAS registration, the voluntary European Union standard that recognizes those organizations that have implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS), has served to assess the commitment to continuous quality improvement implemented by the company. In addition, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has granted the seal of certigying ‘Pyme Innovadora’ (Innovative SME) to SEIPASA. This recognition rewards the research trajectory and the commitment to innovation, two fundamental pillars in which SEIPASA supports all its actions of growth and development.