SEIPASA presents the latest innovations in Zero Residue treatments in vineyard

February 23, 2017

'Zero Residues in Vineyard: Practical Applications'. SEIPASA has announced the latest innovations in residues-free treatments for this crop in a session that has brought together wine specialists from different parts of Spain. The session has been held at the headquarters of the Denomination of Protected Origin of Cariñena (Zaragoza). 

United by a common interest in moving towards high-yielding vineyards and production without chemical residues, participation of this group of experts has shown an increasing interest in sustainable and quality agriculture. 

The Operations Manager of the consultant company Zerya, Javier Arizmendi, has explored the 'Sustainable production systems in an agriculture without residues', while Javier Nácher, technical director of SEIPASA, has given the keys to work in the protection against pests and diseases of the grapevine with the guarantee of obtaining a Zero Residues production. 

Nácher has shown the latest developments in this area through the results of tests carried out by independent entities. He has remarked the great effectiveness of the specialized products of SEIPASA. A panel discussion with the participation of Carlos Antoñanzas, an expert in the vineyard of La Rioja, Zerya's Operations Manager and the commercial director of SEIPASA, José Ángel Talavera, closed the session.