SEIPASA and Estimul-Agro join forces to lead biostimulation and agricultural nutrition

February 15, 2017

SEIPASA S.A, a Spanish leading company in natural treatments for agriculture, and Estimul-Agro, S.L, a specialized firm focused on biostimulation and nutrition, have joined forces in a project aimed at meeting all the needs of the sector in this area.

Both companies will continue to work within the same frame of quality. That will allow both of them to offer its products with the same service, but in a stronger and growing business environment. The national and international projection of SEIPASA, but also its expertise in the fields of research, development and manufacture of zero-residues treatments for agriculture, results in an extra value to extend the solutions of Estimul-Agro. It will allow to deal with future challenges with effective formulations and in line with the demands of key markets

Calfer Hierro, Calfer Polymicro, Gresca Hierro

Chelates play a significant role in this new stage. These are highly stable compounds widely used in agriculture to supply micronutrients such as iron, manganese, zinc and copper. Its potential lies in the ability to make the element more assimilable for vegetables, but also to avoid precipitation and to be able to add relatively high doses without being phytotoxic.

Now, the use of chelates is the most effective way of correcting iron chlorosis. This is because of its special procedure, different from other fertilizers.Products such as Calfer Hierro, Gresca Hierro or Calfer Polymicro are, and will continue to be, important elements for the nutritional development of crops.

In this context, the guarantee provided by SEIPASA and Estimul-Agro is considered pivotal. In conclusion, both the combination of the most advanced natural technology and expertise in fertilization offer farmers the best in biostimulation and plant nutrition.