Seipasa joins Transforma, a program to drive social change

February 16, 2017

Seipasa, a leading Spanish company in natural treatments for agriculture, has joined Transforma, a program led by Oxfam-Intermón. With this initiative, SEIPASA will contribute to fund social projects aimed at improving the quality of life of thousands of people in developing countries.

Transforma is a program willing to integrate small and medium-sized companies as a drivers of social change, both economically and socially. Now, Oxfam-Intermón is working in more than 500 projects driven by the collaboration of companies such as Seipasa.

According to Oxfam-Intermón, some of these initiatives include training small coffee cooperatives to be able to sell their products in national and international markets. Other projects are aimed at supporting women of fishermen in Nouakchott, Mauritania, to learn how to treat and process the fish that economically supports thousands of families.