Seipasa presents Cáritas with a donation following its children's drawing competition

January 28, 2021
Seipasa donates the proceeds of the drawing contest to Caritas
Francisco Cristóbal, Cáritas Communications Manager, poses with Seipasa’s cheque.

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of bioinsecticides, biofungicides and biostimulants has handed over a cheque for 1,500 Euros to the charitable organisation Cáritas. This amount is the result of the children's Christmas drawing competition organised by the company over the months of November and December 2020. 

Under the title "Your drawing, a gift for others", the initiative received a total of 150 drawings from girls and boys all over the world, especially from Spain and Latin America. Seipasa pledged to donate 10 Euros for each of the entries taking part in the competition, which turned into a cheque for 1,500 Euros in aid of Cáritas. 

The symbolic handing over of the cheque took place at Cáritas's offices in Madrid in the presence of the organisation's management. The amount will go entirely to support projects aimed at the most disadvantaged groups in society.

Francisco Cristóbal, Cáritas Communications Manager, underlined the importance of the generosity and the mobilisation of our company to contribute to programmes that offer help to those most affected by the current health crisis. "Thanks to the solidarity of companies like Seipasa, numerous families have benefited from this aid and assistance. We are truly thankful for the support you have given us and hope to continue our cooperation in the future", Mr Cristobál stated. 

Seipasa's Marketing Manager, Juan Manuel López, highlighted the charitable work carried out by Cáritas and expressed the company's satisfaction at having been able to support part of the projects carried out by the organisation.  

"We believe in our corporate social responsibility and are firmly committed to giving back to society a large part of all that it gives us. During the whole of this health crisis the work of Cáritas in aid of the most disadvantaged groups has been exemplary. We can only applaud them and offer all our support to help them drive forward their projects.  This is just one of other actions that will come in the future", Juan Manual López added. 

Alongside this initiative Seipasa has implemented other actions of cooperation with Cáritas in the province of Córdoba over the past months. The company also organised the donation of more than 5 tons of food through the food banks of Córdoba and Huelva and those of other organisations such as Cáritas Nazarena and the RBG Foundation

About Cáritas

Cáritas Española is the official confederation of charitable and social organisations belonging to the Catholic Church in Spain. It works to help the most disadvantaged individuals and people with the aim of combating poverty,  exclusion,  intolerance and discrimination. Cáritas carries out this work through 70 diocesan organisations and more than 5,500 parish organisations.  It has a network of more than 80,000 volunteers.