Seipasa's new extensions to its biopesticide production plant respond to growing demands

December 14, 2021
Seipasa extens its biopesticide production plant
Details of Seipasa's newly extended production plant in L'Alcúdia.

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of bioinsecticides, biofungicides and biostimulants for agriculture, has presented its newly extended biopesticide production facilities in L'Alcúdia, Valencia.

The plant has an additional 2,000 m2 adjoining the current production facilities, dedicated to product formulation, production, packaging and logistics, which enables the company to reinforce its resources to meet increased demands in key markets such as Spain, Mexico, Latin America and USA, among others.

The new plant, which has been up and running for several months now, is designed with cutting-edge equipment and technology to optimise the production process and make it even more sustainable.

Spearheading the biological protection market

Francisco Espinosa, Seipasa's R+D+I Manager, has highlighted the great value of this new extension, the second major intervention in the production plant in just 3 years, after that in 2018.

"This gives us the capacity to continue growing and spearheading the market in biological crop protection".  Mexico, Latin America and the USA are countries in which Seipasa's Natural Technology is growing and is becoming solidly established in the market. The new plant allows us to reinforce our resources to meet the increasing demands and to strengthen our leadership", Mr Espinosa stated. 

Seipasa's R+D+I Manager recalled that the company's Natural Technology model places sustainability and the agriculture of knowledge at the core of everything and went on to add that these new facilities are an essential step forward in that direction.

"Growing represents the opportunity to improve in all aspects and at Seipasa we know how to do it in a sustainable, rational, people-focused way.  The new plant improves our productivity and capacity to respond, but it also helps us to become better by producing in a cleaner, more efficient way".

Cutting-edge technology

The new facilities that also house the production of the new Bioactive line launched in Spain last September, are equipped with the very latest technology that avoids the generation of waste water and increases the standards of quality and sustainability of production.  
Seipasa has also set up new, totally automated packaging lines, which optimise the whole production process and enhance the company's service for customers.