SEIPASA is in attendance to the European Awards for the Environment to Enterprise

March 17, 2010
On march 3, 2010 TRH Prince and Princess of Asturias presided at the "Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas" (CSIC) in Madrid, the ceremony of the European Awards for the Environment to Enterprise, that every two years has, in its Spanish Section, "Fundación Entorno-BCSD España" with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Environment and the Biodiversity Foundation, designated to companies that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable development.
At an audience of over 350 representatives of companies and institutions, the director-manager of Environment Foundation, and president of the Jury, Cristina García-Orcoyen, said: …all companies that submitted, 110, among whom was SEIPASA "are excellent examples that the shift towards a more sustainable way of producing goods and services is not only necessary but also is technologically possible and economically profitable".