Seipasa launches a new concept in digital encounters to analyse the keys to knowledge-based agriculture

September 28, 2020
Seipasa launches a new concept in digital encounters
Participants in Seipasa's Digital Encounter. From left to right, Jorge Jaramillo, Agri-food journalist; Juan Manuel López, Seipasa Marketing Manager; José Ángel Talavera, Seipasa Sales Manager; Pedro Palazón, Ideagro CEO.

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of bioinsecticides, biofungicides and biostimulants for agriculture, has held a digital encounter to analyse the challenges of transformation in agriculture from a global viewpoint.

Under the title of 'Technology, transformation and adaptation: keys to knowledge-based agriculture', the Seipasa Digital Encounter has been streamed entirely online, using an innovative television format. The session is available on Seipasa's Youtube channel via the following link

Throughout the four blocks, the digital encounter presented the testimonial stories of producers and technicians from different parts of the world who explained how they are dealing with the progressive disappearance of active substances, the tightening of international regulations, the introduction of new biological solutions or the role of integrated management strategies in pest and disease control.

The digital encounter has been marked by a global approach, presenting a tour of different experiences in agricultural systems in countries such as Spain, Peru, Morocco, Mexico, or the USA. All these experiences have been enriched by the contributions of various experts taking part in panel discussions. The event was presented and chaired by the agri-food journalist Jorge Jaramillo. 

Seipasa Marketing Manager, Juan Manuel López, highlighted the excellent response there has been to this digital encounter.  "The broad focus of the event enabled us to see that the challenges farmers face are global, regardless of the country or geographical zone".

He went on to add that "All farmers have to deal with the progressive disappearance of active substances, the tardiness with which registrations arrive, and the need to be both cost-effective and at the same time sustainable and eco-friendly, as well as the importance of generating added value for their harvests in order to gain a footing in foreign markets".

"At this moment of change, farmers need certainties in the form of new solutions", Seipasa's Marketing Manager stated. The alternative proposed by Seipasa is its Natural Technology model based on innovation, science, and knowledge. It is a model that is oriented towards developing effective, sustainable, cost-effective solutions for the production of zero-residue fruit, vegetables, and cereals.