Seipasa organises a Digital Encounter to analyse the keys to transformation in agriculture

September 15, 2020
Seipasa Digital Encounter: keys to transformation in agriculture

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, has announced  a Digital Encounter in which the challenges of transformation in agriculture will be analysed.

Under the title of 'Technology, transformation and adaptation: keys to knowledge-based agriculture', the Encounter will be held online on Thursday 24th September at 16:30 Spanish time (GMT+2). The event will be streamed online using an innovative television format and presenting a global tour of different farming systems worldwide. Registration is free via website.

Seipasa's Marketing Manager, Juan Manuel López, highlights the contents of this Digital Encounter that will analyse the current and future role of biological solutions in agriculture and the potential of the new integrated strategies as the basic pillars of the transformation and global adaptation to the changes taking place in society, in regulatory policies and in environmental sustainability. 

“How do producers deal with the gradual disappearance of active substances? What strategies are being used to compensate for this absence of tools? What is the role of the new biological solutions in these strategies? What adaptations have been made to satisfy new market demands? All of these are questions that we are going to answer through the testimonies and experience of producers, technicians and experts in different  farming systems around the world, in countries such as Mexico, Spain, Peru or Morocco ", Juan Manual López underlined. 

Innovative format

Seipasa's Marketing Manager recalled that due to Covid-19 companies have been forced to seek new ways of staying in contact with customers and he stressed the advantages of online communication as a means of rethinking this interaction with the market.

 "Over the past few months, due to mobility restrictions, we have got used to seeing each other on screen.  At this Encounter on 24th, we want to use the digital channel to take full advantage of a new format. We will be going beyond the webinar concept and providing a format closer to that of television broadcasts and much closer to the audience who will be able to ask questions and take part in the Encounter", Juan Manual López said.