Seipasa and SP strengthen the strategy based on natural technology for the berries sector

June 20, 2018
Seipasa joins the International Red Fruit Congress
José Ángel Talavera, CCO, and Juan Manuel López, CMO of Seipasa

Seipasa and SP Soluciones Agrícolas jointly participated in the 4th edition of the International Red Fruit Congress, which was held in Huelva (Spain) on June 20 and 21. The Spanish company (specialist in the development of natural solutions for agriculture) and the distribution company (leader in the supply of zero residues products and biological pest control in the province of Huelva) presented their strategy based on sustainable development and zero residues for berries cultivation.

At booths 22 and 23, located in the so-called ‘Patio de Bolas’ at Casa Colón, Seipasa and SP Soluciones Agrícolas displayed their catalogue of solutions for biological protection, biostimulation and nutrition for the berries sector. The sustainable and zero residues strategy was reinforced by the presence of Bioplanet, an Italian company specialised in biological control solutions through beneficial insects. 

The commitment of Seipasa and SP Soluciones Agrícolas to the natural and sustainable development of agriculture had a key point in the conference given within the scientific program of the Congress. Under the title "Seipasa: bioprotection trends in a global market", Seipasa's CMO, Juan Manuel López, analysed the direction in which the crop protection market is moving in an increasingly restrictive context concerning the use of chemical substances authorised by European legislation.

"Nowadays, there are a total of 493 active ingredients approved for crop protection within the EU, but this figure will be gradually reduced by the legislation governing the marketing and use of plant protection products. This means that farmers will gradually lose tools for pest and disease control. These tools disappear at the same rate as chemically-synthesised plant protection products do, because those active substances are no longer authorised by the European authorities", said Juan Manuel López.

In this regard, Seipasa's marketing director insisted on the importance of developing natural and zero residues solutions that, while equally effective, are fully aligned with a much more restrictive European regulatory framework. "Agriculture needs new tools to reduce the impact of the progressive loss of active substances. This is the line of work and specialization of Seipasa and SP Soluciones Agrícolas, and this is the message we wanted to convey in this new edition of the International Red Fruit Congress, Juan Manuel López stressed.