Seipasa reduces its lighting consumption by 57% after introducing the new energy efficiency plan

September 14, 2022
Seipasa reduces its lighting energy consumption by 57%.
Detail of the automation of lights in passage areas, LED technology and new skylights in the production areas.

Seipasa, a Spanish company that engages in the development, formulation and manufacture of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, biostimulants and fertilizers, has reduced its lighting consumption by 57% thanks to the implementation of a new energy efficiency plan at its industrial complex in L’Alcúdia, Valencia.

The company has embarked upon a set of actions to streamline the use of resources and promote energy savings in its offices and production plants. One of the key measures of this plan has been the replacement of conventional lighting with low consumption LED technology in all facilities. In addition, the old skylights have been substituted with new ones, allowing maximum use of sunlight in the manufacturing areas. The switching on and off of lights in the passage and transit areas between production spaces has also been automated. 

Seipasa’s Quality and Environment Manager, María de Puig Mora, says that this plan has made it possible “to reduce energy consumption in lighting by more than half. This is another step forward in the company’s commitment to sustainability, efficient use of resources, reduction of the carbon footprint and minimization of the impact our production activity has on the environment”, added Ms Mora.

Seipasa’s Quality and Environment Manager recalled that, with this plan, the company is fully aligned with the energy saving and management measures promoted by EU governments, as well as with fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In this regard, Ms Mora stated: “Seipasa’s Quality and Environment Department sets a series of annual targets aimed at reducing the consumption of natural and energy resources, as well as lowering CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. All of these aims are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals established on September 25, 2015 by the United Nations”.

“The climatic and geopolitical situation we are experiencing in Europe forces us, both companies and citizens, to streamline and rethink the use of energy and natural resources. It’s about doing more with less and, in this dynamic, we still have a long way to go”. 

“At Seipasa - added Ms Mora - we are aware of the need to take urgent action to address the climate emergency and join the Paris agreement that aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change”.

Self-supply with solar energy

This new energy efficiency plan is linked to a series of other measures implemented in recent months, including the first phase of the installation of solar panels at the production plant. 

With its entry into operation, Seipasa is 50% self-sufficient in solar energy, while the rest of the electricity consumed comes from renewable sources. The company thus meets its goal of zero CO2 emissions from electricity consumption

It should be recalled that the company is constructing a building at its industrial complex in L’Alcúdia that will house a new production plant and the company’s headquarters. Seipasa has announced that the facilities will be equipped with the most advanced technology, and will be totally sustainable in the use of materials and efficient in energy consumption.