Seipasa presents its integrated biostimulation strategy for berries at the 7th Berry Fruit Congress in Huelva

June 23, 2022
at the 7th Berry Fruit Congress in Huelva
Photos from Seipasa's participation at the 7th International Berry Fruits Congress in Huelva

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development, formulation, and production of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, bioestimulants and fertilizers, has taken part in the 7th International Berry Fruit Congress in Huelva.

The company presented its integrated biostimulation strategy for berries with the results, data and field experiments carried out using its Radisei and Sweetsei biostimulants.

Vanessa Garrido, the company's Marketing Manager, gave a conference on the keys to the Natural Technology® model applied to berry crops.

Ms Garrido defined Radisei as a "powerful, robust, balanced biostimulant, designed to increase and protect plant roots, to make available essential nutrients blocked in soil and to increase the quality of harvests".

The Marketing Manager focused on the strategies that have been developed for berry growing: "We have presented results for strawberries that show that plants treated with Radisei have better developed root systems. She went on to underline that this treatment is a particularly important option for ensuring the proper establishment and optimal start for plants after transplanting.

Unifying and bringing forward ripening

Vanessa Garrido also reviewed the applications of Sweetsei, a biostimulant designed to induce and encourage an increase in sugars, ripening and swelling.

The key to Sweetsei's powerful action lies in its balanced formulation based on an optimal equilibrium in the selection of its components as well as an exclusive combination of metabolic catalysts that encourage and stimulate the ripening process. Among these are key enzymatic stimulators in the biochemical Yang cycle that boost the synthesis of the phytohormone ethylene.

Ms Garrido presented the results of technical trials carried out on blueberries, showing the capacity of Sweetsei to accelerate ripening processes, obtain more uniform harvests, increase the size of the fruit and obtain direct effects in terms of quality.

With respect to strawberries, Seipasa's Marketing Manager highlighted that Sweetsei "aids ripening in strawberries, improving the uniformity, early maturing and quality of the fruit." She went on to add that, "we have obtained a greater production per premium plant and earlier maturing throughout the whole of the trial".

As well as participating in the official programme of technical papers, Seipasa, in its role as a Freshuelva partner, was also present at the Congress trade space. Seipasa shared stand number 36 with SP Soluciones Agrícolas, the benchmark company providing services and zero-residue solutions for berry growing in the Spanish province of Huelva. 

Huelva, the berry capital

The 7th International Berry Fruit Congress was held on 22nd  and 23rd  of June 2022 at the Casa Colón Exhibition and Conference Centre in Huelva.

The event brought together key representatives and major players in the berry sector, together with companies engaged in the production, marketing, and sales of these crops and firms that provide services or distribute products for application and direct use in this industry. 

The Berry Fruit Congress is organised by Freshuelva, an association that groups together the highest percentage of berry producers and exporters and the most active and leading companies in this sector, and that presents the proposals for the event’s contents.