Sweetsei™ promotes fruit sizing and ripening

SWEETSEI has be designed to promote the increase of sugars, ripening and fruit growth. Its application provides a large number of biochemical intermediates and coenzyme factors that replace the metabolic pathways in the ripening process. It influences the colour, sugar accumulation and the size and firmness of the fruit.
SWEETSEI incorporates a high weight organic molecular polymer, which confers more elasticity, hydration and firmness in the skin. These properties, and the calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) contribution, give SWEETSEI the ability to reduce the permeability of cell membranes and water absorption, helping to increase the firmness of the fruits and thus, extend its useful life.
Its balanced formulation, designed with an organic matrix rich in polysaccharides, macro and microelements such as boron and molybdenum –key elements in the process of fruit setting and ripening- has been achieved because of a careful selection of various components, prepared in an optimal balance. The result is a product with the highest quality and efficiency.

  • Improves the calibre and firmness of the fruit.
  • Promotes the formation of sugars and therefore improves the Brix index.
  • Advances the fruit ripening.