Seipasa, Viva Organica and Natural Grow: a story to tell, a journey together and a challenge ahead

December 5, 2023
Crops in Viva Organica's farms.

In agriculture, a true reflection of life itself, the allies or fellow travellers you meet along the way are almost as important as the end result. Cultivation cycles are continuous, some of them long, and the plant needs a perfect symbiosis with all the elements of its environment (soil, water, nutrients...) in order to give its best and produce abundant harvests of the highest quality.

In the case of Seipasa, this metaphor is more than relevant. The Spanish company, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, looks to the Mexican market with particular affection, as it was here that it established its first foreign market, its first export and its first international delegation.

The road travelled and the results achieved since 2009, the date of setting up in Mexico, cannot be understood without these allies and fellow travellers who have accompanied the Natural Technology locomotive all these years. The 25th anniversary, with all the significance it brings, makes it all the more important to remember how we got here.

Part of that journey is understood at the time that Natural Grow and Felipe Alberto Gaxiola crossed Seipasa’s path. Enrique Trelles, Seipasa's business developer in Mexico, recalls that it was Natural Grow that adopted Seipasa’s model because “they had a real problem and a real need to control a nematode problem on their farm”. From that moment on, the two businesses began to work hand in hand with Seinema, the first of the references that have marked the alliance between the two companies. Seipasa and Natural Grow, as a key partner in the distribution of the products in Mexico, established a management strategy to carry out the applications, monitoring, sampling and subsequent analysis until a result was obtained.

“When Felipe saw the results he couldn’t believe it. At that time it was very common for us to use Oxamyl left, right and centre to control nematodes, and he couldn’t believe how an organic product, a botanical molecule, could have such an effect compared to the chemical we had been using all our lives,” says Enrique Trelles.

Seinema has been followed by Pirecris, Superbrotal, Seipa System, Cinnerate, Fungisei and a long list of registered, OMRI-certified solutions developed from Seipasa's Natural Technology model for the production of healthy, chemical-free fruit and vegetables.

Seipasa’s beginnings in Mexico were not easy, mainly because of the reluctance of the distributors and growers to trust natural solutions of green origin, when the entire agricultural industry in the country continued to make heavy use of synthetic chemicals in the treatments. The crossing of paths with Natural Grow was as important as the strategic alliances that have since been forged. That’s why we began this article by saying that in life, the people you meet along the way are just as important as the end result.

High value-added vegetables

One of those fellow travellers was Viva Orgánica, one of the main producers of organic vegetables with a strong presence in Sinaloa, Baja California Norte and Nayarit. “In Viva Orgánica we have found a partner with whom we share the vision of what Natural Technology should and does bring to agriculture: a constant commitment to innovation and excellence in the production of high value-added vegetables for distribution and consumption in the most demanding markets,” points out Carlos Castro, business director of Seipasa-Mexico.

Technology is therefore the thread that has run through the relationship between the two companies over the years. “The fact that a tomato, a pumpkin or a pepper has a genuine and original taste is no accident, nor is it within everyone’s reach. There is a whole technological framework behind it, from the strategies and treatments used to the care given to the fruit during cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest. Technology, if you have it and if you have it in your DNA, is what allows you to make this whole process sustainable and in balance with the environment. This combination of high technology, sustainability and excellence in the production of organic vegetables is where the relationship and work we are developing with Viva Orgánica through our distributor, Natural Grow, is being promoted,” says Carlos Castro.

Viva Orgánica is also one of the main exporters of organic vegetables from Mexico. The company’s aim is to bring all this excellence in production and authentic taste of vegetables to more and more markets. “The challenge is very important because it is about promoting a healthy diet based on the production of fruit and vegetables with high value-added and free of chemical residues, and taking it to more territories. We are attracted by this challenge, which is part of our Natural Technology model, and we are working to achieve it and get closer to it,” concludes the business director of Seipasa Mexico.