The IVACE subsidises Seipasa’s project for the digitisation of its internal communications system

February 27, 2020
The IVACE subsidises Seipasa’s project for digitisation

The Valencia institute for Business Competitiveness (IVACE) has awarded Seipasa a subsidy for the digital transformation of its internal communications system. The goal of this project is to create an online environment that facilitates document management in the cloud and provides new formats for classifying information.

The project includes the creation of a corporate intranet that will operate on three levels (organisation, department and employee) with the aim of facilitating access to information in a single environment. It also envisages the generation of two new modules for the corporate extranet that will modernise and speed up communications between departments as well as improving traceability and monitoring of actions. 

This digital transformation project also involves the functional upgrading of ERP to adapt it to the order management and preparation system or picking system. The new features are related to optimising and improving the traceability of batches. In addition, a new section has been included in ERP development to adapt to Seipasa’s needs resulting from the implementation of improvements in communications to third parties. 

The project subsidised by the IVACE, forms part of the ‘SME Digitisation Projects (Digitaliza-CV) programme and it receives financial support from the EU. 

About the IVACE

The Valencia Institute of Business Competitiveness, IVACE, is a public-law entity integrated in the public entities sector of the Generalitat Valenciana. Amongst its objectives are to manage the industry policy of the Generalitat Valenciana and support companies in relation to innovation, entrepreneurship, internationalisation and investment-seeking; to promote technological enclaves, the industrial safety of products and industrial facilities, metrology, vehicles and companies and encourage savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, as well as to manage the energy policy of the Generalitat Valenciana.