TERRASEI™ LINE - Liquid organo-mineral fertilizers

Terrasei™ Crecimiento. Active booster for vegetative growth

Terrasei™ Equilibrio. Nutritional balance bioactivator

Terrasei™ Engorde. For functional development and proper fruit ripening

Terrasei™ Mg. Green crop activator

TERRASEI LINE is SEIPASA’s solution to the nutritional needs of crops in different phenological stages, because it combines the mineral nutrition with the energetic contribution and the soils structuration properties due to the organic fertilization.

Besides the relation macronutrients-organic matter, the products of TERRASEI LINE contain a percentage of amino acids which mean a plus of energy for crops, that allows the plant to use metabolic resources in primary physiological functions. Because of history and presence on the market, different formulations of TERRASEI LINE are one of the most important allies in the plant nutrition. The proper combination of organic and mineral components determines the characteristics of TERRASEI LINE; different NPK relations adapt to the needs of crops in their different phenological stages. The organic fraction improves physicochemical properties of agricultural soils and produces the biological activation of the rhizosphere.

  • Optimizes crop yields.
  • Improves crop quality: precocity, size, smoothness and ripening.
  • Nutritionally balanced plantations.
  • Contribution of amino acids, fulvic acids and organic matter.