Seican®. Effective natural fungicide and acaricide

Seipasa’s biofungicides are phytosanitary products that are designed based on substances of botanical and microbiological origin. They are highly technical solutions that Seipasa has developed from its extensive experience in R+D+I applied to agriculture.

Changes in market regulations and the trend in consumer demand towards foods that are free of chemical residues, make our biofungicides an ideal ally in crop protection programmes, as they help to generate agricultural systems that are sustainable, environment-friendly, and safe for secondary fauna and people's health.

Biofungicides are used in agriculture to control diseases caused by fungi and are also effective in combatting diseases produced by pathogenic bacteria, affecting crops in different areas of the world; they are a technologically advanced, safe and effective alternative to conventional synthetic fungicides.  Increasingly, modern agriculture, the environment and society in general demand new solutions to control diseases that affect our crops.

Biofungicides: how, when and why

  • Biofungicides provide natural protection for crops. They contribute to improving harvest quality and yields.
  • Minimal safety periods, allowing foods without chemical residues to be obtained. Including biofungicides in integrated management programmes, in rotation with chemical products, helps to reduce the levels of residues in foods.
  • Biofungicides are especially useful for resistance management.
  • Compatibility with integrated management programmes for the control of fungal diseases and diseases caused by bacteria. In integrated pest management programmes, they allow the amount of chemical phytosanitary products required to be reduced and optimise the efficacy of treatments.