Agricultural biostimulants

Kynetic4®. Improves flowering and optimizes fruit setting

Bryosei™. Sprouting and vegetative development booster

Sweetsei™. Promotes fruit sizing and ripening

Seipasa’s biostimulants were designed from natural active principles to favor specific physiological reactions when these are needed by plants. Seipasa’s biostimulants were developed from an extensive labour of research and innovation to bring maximum vigor, yield and quality to crops.

Formulations are defined in the R&D department to supply the vegetable with metabolic intermediates, biochemical substrates or physiological inducers that are necessary in crops to optimally complete their functions and obtain not only the highest quality but also the maximum performance in the shortest possible time.

Biostimulants play a pivotal role in conventional agriculture as a complement in crop protection and nutrition strategies. Using biostimulants in agriculture provides multiple benefits due to its ability to resolve certain inefficiencies within current systems.

Biostimulants: vigor, yield and quality for crops

  • The use of biostimulants in agriculture helps to prevent and overcome plant stress.
  • Not only do biostimulants increase crop yield, but they also improve vigor and quality of crops.
  • Biostimulants facilitate the assimilation and translocation of nutrients.
  • Improve the organoleptic qualities of the fruits.
  • Improve soil fertility and the development of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Biostimulants increase the efficiency of plant metabolism.