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The BioActive line incorporates our innovative Natural-BioActive technology, which directly boosts the benefits of these solutions for crops. These cutting-edge technological formulations optimise dilution and the absorption of nutrients by plants thanks to their small-sized effective particles, aiding integrated crop nutrition. And their liquid formulation means they are easy and safe for farmers to handle.

All the products in the BioActive line are apt for both organic and conventional farming and are underpinned by the most stringent quality certifications, such as those of UNE 142500 standard.

The new BioActive line offers comprehensive plant nutrition solutions for different moments in the crop cycle, acting both on the soil rhizosphere and on plant metabolic processes to achieve higher quality harvests and greater yields, ensuring maximum cost-effectiveness for farmers.

Main benefits of the BIOACTIVE line:

  • The BioActive line of products is a top-quality integrated solution for nutrition, for a broad range of crops.
  • These products come under the UNE 142500 standard and are apt for highly demanding conventional and organic markets. 
  • High-purity raw materials with end-to-end traceability that guarantee the production process.
  • All the solutions in this line have high-tech formulations that have a significant impact on the efficiency of treatments.
  • They activate key processes in crop development in very demanding soil conditions.