Filer flow enhance your fruit

Formulated with BIOACTIVE NATURAL TECHNOLOGY, it encourages fruit swelling and ensures maximum final harvest quality. It reduces the impact caused by environmental imbalances, nutritional imbalances or water deficiencies.

The Bioactive Natural Technology applied in the highly assimilable potassium formulation present in Filer™ flow allows:

  • It promotes the synthesis of lignin, aiding the plant’s rigidity and structure.
  • Filer™ flow performs a key role in the synthesis and activation of essential enzymes for the process of nitrogen assimilation. In addition, it acts as an essential pillar for protein formation. 
  • It activates the enzymes involved in the transport of photoassimilates, regulating the synthesis and transport of sugars to storage organs, improving the final taste and colour of fruits and ripening.

Key points of Filer™ flow:

  • Encourages fruit swelling
  • Improves plant structure and rigidity. 
  • Maximum absorption thank to the reduction of the active molecule size.
  • Limits the effects caused by abiotic stress such as water shortage.
  • No residues.
  • Improves final harvest quality.
  • Optimal dissolving.
  • Liquid, easy to handle and safe for the person applying it. 
  • Does not alkalize the application solution.



Berries, Cereals, Citrus fruits, Fruit trees (stone and pome fruits), Grapes, Greenhouse horticultural crops, Industrial crops, Nuts, Olive trees, Ornamentals, Outdoors horticultural crops, Tropical fruits.

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