MULTISEI™ LINE - Liquid Organic Fertilizers

Multisei™ nt. Triple action organic fertilizer

Multisei™ K. Actively contributes with potassium-enriched organic matter

Multisei™ Mg. Rapid assimilation liquid fertilizer

Biosei™. Organic manure with an effective energy supply

The MULTISEI LINE includes our liquid organic fertilizer par excellence. This is a range of products that regenerate soil, because  in addition to nurture, improve the structure, composition and microbial activity. The contribution of organic matter recover soil, balancing its content.

  • Improve macro and micronutrients absorption.
  • Increase the cation exchange capacity and the storage of nutrients in the soil.
  • Activate nutrient mineralization processes.
  • Contribute to the formation of soil aggregates that improve soil friability, facilitating farming, avoiding waterlogging and root suffocation.
  • MULTISEI, MULTISEI K and MULTISEI Mg are an important source of macro and micronutrients, especially relevant in intensive crops, nurseries and seedbeds.
  • Improve the efficiency of chemical fertilizers.
  • The liquid formulation is an advantage over the organic solids, because reach the main area of ​​root uptake.
  • MULTISEI, MULTISEI K and MULTISEI Mg contain in their formulation raw materials of plant origin with a high degree of refinement, that avoid precipitation problems and seals in drip irrigation systems.


  • Using BIOSEI and FERROSEI® together or other microelements improve considerably their availability and favor their root absorption. 
  • Enhance SEILAND®’s root protective action providing a dynamic substrate, rich in organic matter.