Abenta™. Immediate response on targets

Amicos® B. Maintains and strengths good conditions in crops

Amicos® MC. Broad response on crops

Amicos® System. Systemic effect on crops

Astral™. Multilayer contact effect

Lecisei™. Natural product with polyvalent action

Maxitron™. Multipurpose, effective action

Oleomax™. Uniform coverage

Seisil™. Διορθωτής για ελλείψεις σε πυρίτιο και κάλιο

Terrasei™ Crecimiento. Active booster for vegetative growth

Terrasei™ Equilibrio. Nutritional balance bioactivator

Terrasei™ Engorde. For functional development and proper fruit ripening

Multisei™ K. Actively contributes with potassium-enriched organic matter

Biosei™. Organic manure with an effective energy supply

Multisei™. Οργανικό λίπασμα τριπλής δράσης

Seipafol® K. Functional contribution for carbohydrate and protein formation

Seipafol® Calcio. Development corrector for vegetable cell walls structure

Seipafol® Fe. Rapid iron assimilation

Seipafol® Mg. Rapid magnesium assimilation

Seipafol® ZnMn. Innovative zinc and manganese balance for maximum performance

Seipafol® B. Exclusive boron contribution for optimal plant development

Seipafol® Mo. Functional corrector of molybdenum deficiencies

Seipafol® Mix. Balanced corrector for multiple deficiencies

Calcisei 10. Organic calcium of rapid assimilation

Miñosal™. High quality complexing agent

Calimax™. Regulator of lack of calcium imbalance

Guadal™ Ca. Innovative formulation based on rapidly assimilable complexed calcium

Ferrosei® Plus 5.0. Cutting-edge iron for crops

Ferrosei® 4.2. Immediate action iron chelate