Seipasa’s biopesticides were designed from substances of botanical and microbiological origin. Biopesticides are those phytosanitary products derived from natural principles such as plants, microorganisms and minerals. These are highly technified solutions developed from the extensive experience of Seipasa in R&D applied to agriculture. Biopesticides are used in agriculture to control pests (aphids, whiteflies, thrips...), fungi and diseases caused by bacteria of pathogenic origin affecting crops in different areas of the world.

Seipasa’s biopesticides result in an effective alternative against conventional pesticides. Modern agriculture is increasingly demanding an alternative to chemicals for pest control and diseases. In addition, changes in international laws and regulations, but also consumers’ demand towards the consumption of food without residues are transforming biopesticides into an ideal partner in crop protection strategies. Biopesticides are fully alligned with sustainable, rational and environmentally friendly agriculture. In addition, they are compatible with auxiliary fauna. 

Biopesticides offer significant benefits to growers and consumers

  • Biopesticides provide natural protection for crops. They help to improve the yield and crop quality.
  • Biopesticides have lower or no safety periods. Being incorporated into Integrated Pest Management strategies in rotation with traditional chemistries, they contribute to reducing levels of residues in food.
  • Biopesticides help with resistance management stratregies.
  • Compatibility with Integrated Pest Management programs for pest control (aphids, whiteflies, thrips...). Being included in these strategies, biopesticides allow to reduce the amount of traditional chemistries and optimize the efficacy of treatments.
  • Compatibility with biological control organisms. Being used properly, biopesticides allow the natural enemies of pest insects to play their complementary role in control strategies.