Use phytosanitary products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

SEIPASA´s Biopesticides are high quality and efficient products, based on high technology formulation, that offer our customers optimal solutions for the most demanding crops. These are ZERO RESIDUE products (R-Free®), that respect the environment, the auxiliary fauna and people.

Its efficiency and added value due to the production of agricultural products free of residues, make SEIPASA´s Biopesticides the ideal alternative and complement to traditional synthetic pesticides.


  • Improve the quality and yield of crops.
  • Zero or shorter Security Periods. R-Free® commitment to achieve Zero Residues.
  • Useful for resistance management.
  • Compatibility with conventional strategies.
  • Products compatible with Biological Control Organisms.
  • Provide added value to crops.
  • Using SEIPASA´s biopesticides, the crops meet the requirements of international markets.
  • Low toxicity profile