Seican®. Fungicide and insecticide for pest and disease control

Seipasa’s bioinsecticides are highly technical phytosanitary products that are developed from substances of botanical and microbiological origin. 

The decreasing range of active substances available in the market and the onset of resistances to traditional chemical solutions, means that Seipasa's natural technology provides the alternative and/or complement that farmers need.  It is an effective alternative to conventional synthetic insecticides. 

Seipasa's extensive experience in R+D+I applied to agriculture has led it to develop bioinsecticides that are used in agriculture to control pests (aphids, whiteflies, thrips, mites, cicadellidae) affecting crops in different parts of the world.

At a time when demand among consumers is for foods without chemical residues, Seipasa's bioinsecticides have become an ideal ally in crop protection programmes, helping to generate agricultural systems that are sustainable, environment-friendly, and safe for both secondary fauna and people's health.

Bioinsecticides: how, when and why

  • Biopesticides help to improve harvest quality and yield, providing natural protection for crops. 
  • Including bioinsecticides in integrated management programmes, in rotation with chemical products, helps to reduce the levels of residues in foods. They allow a reduction in the amount of chemical phytosanitary products required and optimise the efficacy of treatments.
  • Bioinsecticides are especially useful in resistance management.
  • Minimal safety periods, allowing foods without chemical residues to be obtained. Compatible with integrated pest control management programmes (aphids, whiteflies, thrips, mites)
  • Bioinsecticides are compatible with biological control organisms. Using them adequately, for instance, prior to the release of secondary fauna, allows pests' natural enemies to play a complementary role in control strategies.