Seican® fungicide and insecticide

Seican® is a new fungicide and insecticide for pest and disease control. Based on cinnamaldehyde, Seican® has been designed to provide control on powdery mildew, rusts, botrytis and scales. Seican® is a fast-acting product which gets good control at low concentrations. It is a product compatible with biological control agents.

Used as fungicide, Seican® provides curative action: Cinnamic aldehyde inhibits mycelial growth and prevents germination of fruiting bodies. The result is the erradication of fungus, preventing its spread.
By its eradicant action, Seican® affects the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and induces profound changes in the enzymatic activity of the pathogen’s cell membrane, which causes dehydration and, therefore, the disappearance of leaf symptoms.

Used as insecticide, Seican® acts by contact penetrating and destroying the soft susceptible body parts. Insects are exposed to the loss of body fluids causing a dehydration and consequently the death. It is an alternative to mineral oils and chemical acaricides.

Key points of Seican®:

  • Knock down effect against powdery mildew and insects.
  • Seican® breaks the sporulation and prevents the spread of fungi.
  • Seican® is a tool to be included in IPM strategies (Integrated Pest Management) and resistances management strategies.