SEIPAFOL® LINE - Foliar deficiency amendments

When the crop´s nutritional demand exceeds its capacity of nutrient absorption through the root system, plant nutrition deficiencies occur, which can lead to losses of both quality and yield

There are many reasons for a reduced nutrient uptake by the plant such as dry or waterlogged soils, extreme pH, calcareous soils, antagonism due to the excess of other elements or simply because of the absence of some microelements. Furthermore, many crops suffer from critical periods such as flowering, fruit setting or ripening during which nutrient deficiencies are a frequent problem. The complexing and chelating agents used in the SEIPAFOL® LINE contain micronutrients within their chemical structure, protecting them and preventing changes in the oxidation state or precipitation in the form of oxides or hydroxides in the soil, thus keeping them available for plant absorption. SEIPASA offers the new SEIPAFOL® LINE, which includes a complete range of liquid deficiency correctors, specially designed for foliar applications in all crops. The main features and advantages of the SEIPAFOL® LINE are listed below:

  • The SEIPAFOL® LINE guarantees efficiency, reliability and profitability.
  • Maximizes quality and production.
  • Activation of the enzymatic processes which stimulate plant growth and its ability to assimilate other nutrients.
  • Nutritional elements which are quickly assimilated by the plant, obtaining a response a few days after the application.
  • The efficiency rate is about 95%, more than twice of root application. Optimization of the application.
  • Ideal chelating, complexing and adjuvants agents that maximize the penetration and increase the contact surface.
  • High solubility and purity. Runoff or volatilization losses are avoided.