Seipasa & Neudorff in Iberflora 2009

October 21, 2009
Seipasa-Neudorff reaffirm their good relations so they are present also in Iberflora 2009 in Valencia thanks to a professional, responsible work and the most important thing because there is a united team.The catalogue 2010 was presented with...

New line of products: Terrasei

September 22, 2009
SEIPASA introduces its new line of TERRASEI bio-stimulants. TERRASEI range consists of three products that meet the needs of any crop during key stages of its development. TERRASEI CRECIMIENTO ensures the development and growth of the shoots and...

Hortifair 2007 (Holland)

October 22, 2007
SEIPASA takes part once again in Hortifair in Amsterdam (Holland) while 2007 edition. It has been very successful and it has been shown the latest innovations of the company and new products.

Neudorff & Seipasa in Iberflora 2007

October 18, 2007
SEIPASA has presented the organic gardening product range of NEUDORFF, world market leader of the organic home and gardening sector, during the international Iberflora exhibition held in Valencia from the 17th to the 19th of October. During the...


July 5, 2007
SEIPASA appeared recently on TV because of the Minestry Award obtained as best company in Spain of fertilizer manufacturer. In the interview was described R&D process and productions system of the company.

USDA Certification

June 14, 2007
SEIPASA products get the USDA certification as ORGANIC PRODUCTS in order to be able to export to USA organic market.