Seipasa donates fruits and vegetables to the Food Bank

Seipasa donates 2 tonnes of organic strawberries and zero residue vegetables to help those most affected by the Covid-19 crisis
Reconstruction of school gardens in Los Alcazares

Seipasa, Agroquímicos Torre-Pacheco and the Department of Education of Los Alcázares promote a project to recover school gardens destroyed by last September’s floods

Covid-19: Seipasa maintains its production activity according to the Executive Order of the Spanish Government
Seipasa presents is product catalogue in Chile

Seipasa presents its product catalogue in Chile and reinforces its commitment to innovation hand in hand with Suez
COVID-19: Official statement from Seipasa

Covid-19: Seipasa guarantees the supply of its products and reinforces all measures for the protection of its employees' health

Seipasa receives CDTI funding for the development of a new product
The IVACE subsidises Seipasa’s project for digitisation

The IVACE subsidises Seipasa’s project for the digitisation of its internal communications system
Seipasa receives IVACE funding to improve its manufacturing system

Seipasa receives IVACE funding for its project to improve its manufacturing system
Alliance between Seipasa and Suez to distribute biostimulants in Chile

Seipasa and Suez sign an alliance for the distribution of biostimulants in Chile