Transforming vineyard into organic: Seipasa strategies

Seipasa and the Rueda D.O. analyze the strategies for transforming conventional vineyards into organic ones
Seipasa and SP at the Congress of Red Fruits in Huelva

Seipasa and SP analyze the new trends in the use of biostimulants for red fruits
Seipasa and Ecoracimo: supporting the organic wine production

Seipasa encourages and supports the wine industry’s swing towards organic production
Seipasa presents its new Department of Microbiology

Seipasa presents its new Department of Microbiology, strengthening its commitment to R+D+i
Seipasa, with world's best organic extra virgin olive oils

Seipasa reinforces its commitment to the world's best organic extra virgin olive oils
Seipasa analyses future of agricultural policy in Almeria

Seipasa analyses the impact of European policy on Almeria's agriculture within the framework of Agroateneo
Seipasa presents new strategies in stone fruit

Seipasa presents new strategies for disease management without pesticides in stone fruit
Seipasa joins the Cajamar biostimulants meeting

Seipasa analyses the role of industry in the new European legislation on biostimulants at the Meeting organised by Cajamar
Seipasa and Innovak sign a strategic alliance

Seipasa signs a strategic alliance with Innovak Global for crop protection in México