Seipasa, subsidized under the INPYME plan

Seipasa receives a grant under the INPYME plan to equip its new production plant
Mireia Mollà, Regional Minister for Agriculture, visits Seipasa

Seipasa presents its innovation model to Mireia Mollà, Regional Minister for Agriculture in the Generalitat Valenciana
Seipasa participates in the Berry Fruit Congress in Huelva

Seipasa is set to present its Radisei root biostimulant at the Berry Fruit Congress in Huelva
Seipasa presents its new biofungicide Seitylis in Spain

Seipasa consolidates its leading position in research into Bacillus subtilis and its uses with the recent registration of its Seitylis biofungicide
Seipasa renews its EMAS-registered status

Seipasa renews its EMAS-registered status, the maximum environmental recognition at European level
Pirecris: control of cicadellidae in vines

Seipasa obtains the extension of its Pirecris bioinsecticide label in Spain for the control of Cicadellidae in vines
Radisei label extension for horticultural crops

Seipasa's Radisei biostimulant label is extended to include horticultural crops in Spain
Seipasa National Innovation Award 2020

Seipasa receives the 2020 National Innovation Award presented by King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain

“Pirecris is a powerful, effective tool for the control of Drosophila suzukii in berries”