Seipasa and Suez sign an alliance for the distribution of biostimulants in Chile

January 28, 2020
Alliance between Seipasa and Suez to distribute biostimulants in Chile
Jonás de Miguel, Vice-president of business development in Suez Agriculture, and Pedro Peleato, Seipasa CEO during the signing of the agreement.

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, and Suez, a French multinational with more than 160 years of experience in sustainable, efficient management of natural resources, have signed an alliance for the distribution of biostimulants in Chile.  

With this agreement, the biostimulants formulated, designed and produced by Seipasa following its natural technology model will be distributed in Chile through Suez’s sales network, thanks to its extensive experience and knowledge of the market.

Seipasa’s initial range of products to be marketed in Chile comprise Bryosei, a sprouting and vegetative growth promoter; Kynetic4, a biostimulant to improve blooming and optimize fruit set; Seiland, a formula designed to strengthen roots and activate biological soil processes, and Sweetsei, designed to improve fruit maturation and swelling. These are products that have been extensively tested, that have a long international track record and that Seipasa already sells in other markets. 

This partnership with Suez reinforces Seipasa’s presence in Latin America where it already has an extensive list of products with phytosanitary registration in countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico or Costa Rica, amongst others.

In the words of Pedro Peleato, Seipasa CEO, the agreement with SUEZ represents a “great step forward” in the company’s strategy to increase its international expansion. 

He goes on to explain that “the agreement with Suez boosts our international outreach from a strategic point of view. It is a powerful, long-term alliance both because of Suez’s specialisation and extensive knowledge of the Latin American market but also because the values of our two companies are totally aligned. Seipasa and Suez are committed to a new agricultural model based on the development of innovative solutions with a clear focus on sustainability and optimising natural resources”.

Jonás de Miguel, vice-president of business development at Suez Agriculture, stated that “we are very satisfied with the agreement signed with Seipasa and to have this opportunity to work together in the Chilean agricultural market, promoting sustainable, zero-residue solutions for an increasingly demanding, environmentally-conscious consumer”.

About Seipasa

Seipasa is a pioneering Spanish company in the formulation and development of treatments for natural crop protection, biostimulation and nutrition. For over 20 years the company has formulated and registered high technological value solutions that are used in the most demanding agricultural systems in the world. Seipasa is established in more than 20 countries worldwide. 

About Suez

Suez is a multinational of French origin with more than 160 years of experience of sustainable, efficient management of resources. Suez is present in 5 continents, putting in place its innovative capabilities to develop and implement technologies and services that care for the environment. One of its main aims is to accompany its customers in the transition from a linear model of consumption of natural resources to a circular economy that recycles and recovers them. As part of its global strategy it also offers the agricultural industry services that focus on efficiency and sustainable production.