Seipasa extends its list of phytosanitary registrations that include new products in Europe, Mexico and Turkey

January 16, 2020
Seipasa extends its list of phytosanitary registrations

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, has obtained phytosanitary registration for Fungisei biofungicide in Mexico. The product, which is already sold in other international markets, has also been launched recently in Turkey, after obtaining the corresponding registration.

Fungisei is a new-generation microbiological fungicide providing maximum protection and efficacy against diseases such as powdery mildew, mildew, botrytis and soil-borne diseases in crops such as strawberry, blueberry, melon, water melon, cucumber, tomato, pepper or aubergine.

Along with Mexico and Turkey, the product is registered as a phytosanitary product in the USA, Ivory Coast, Peru and Morocco and registration is currently in process in a further three countries. In the case of Peru and Morocco Fungisei is authorised for new uses after the recent extension of registration.

According to Carlos Javier López, Seipasa Chief Technical Officer for the Mexico and Latin America areas, Fungisei’s arrival on the market provides producers with a new sustainable, cost-effective, efficient tool to combat diseases that have a high economic impact on crops. 

Mr López states that, “Fungisei is an extremely reliable, highly effective solution. Its approval and use in the most demanding farming systems in different countries and for different crops throughout the world involves a continuous process of research and development of the product”. 

Seipasa’s technical director for Mexico and Latin American points out that Fungisei has a differentiated patented formula developed by Seipasa from its own strain of Bacillus subtilis, classed as one of the 18 low risk substances by the European Commission, making it a “key alterative in a  situation in which chemically synthesised active substances and products are destined to disappear”.  

Commitment to phytosanitary registration

For Carlos Castro, Seipasa Chief Commercial Officer in Mexico, the registration of Fungisei confirms the company’s commitment to build up its list of bioinsecticides and biofungicides that have phytosanitary registrations.

In his words, “Seipasa’s global undertaking is to develop solutions that adapt to each country and type of agriculture, a guarantee of quality endorsed by phytosanitary registration. In our case, Fungisei is a key product in our catalogue. It enables us to reinforce and consolidate our presence in a strategic market like Mexico”.

Seipasa Mexico’s Chief Commercial Officer stressed that Fungisei has also achieved broad international recognition. In 2017 the product received the award for the Best Formulation Innovation at the Agrow Awards gala, an annual event that selects the best proposals put forward by the crop protection industry. 

New registrations for Pirecris bioinsecticide

Seipasa has also obtained phytosanitary registration for Pirecris in Greece and Cyprus, as well as an extension to its uses in Italy. This natural insecticide with a powerful shock effect and maximum efficacy both outdoors and in hothouse growing, is also sold in countries such as Mexico, Spain, Portugal or France.